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Softcom Technologies Corporation has been providing Contact Center Analytics solutions globally since 1994. What started out to be a business intelligence tool for one of the major industry vendors in the contact center space has grown to become a full suite of analytical tools designed specifically for supervisors, managers, agents and executives who value the need for accurate, trusted information. Years of experience working with call center vendors as well as with industry thought leaders has provided insight that has allowed us to enhance development of critical tools for contact center professionals.

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Softcom is proud to include many Fortune 2000 companies as part of its customer base. From North America to Europe, Asia and Central and South America, Softcom customers all have one thing in common, and that is a knowledgeable, experienced, professional partner that knows Contact Centers. Whether they are financial institutions, credit card companies, telemarketing firms, collection agencies, customer service organizations, Outbound or Inbound activities, or Outsourcers, they rely on Softcom Analytics for their Business Intelligence needs.

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Manager of Mortgage Services, Major Bank

Our company had some major issues to deal with in our call center revolving around access to performance metrics when supervisors were away from their desks. Supervisors often have to participate in meetings or training seminars and for periods of time were not on top of their teams’ performance, or issues that arise throughout the day. With Softcom Analytics Wallboard and Mobile solutions, we were able to meet these challenges. We built a universal display showing our real time stats, which are now available at managers’ desktops but also on strategically placed wallboards so agents are aware of current status. Mobile access allows us to see how we are doing from our wi-fi enabled tablets, or cell phones, and even while traveling and we can receive alerts whenever our targets are not being met. Now we all have access to the important information necessary, regardless of our location.

Call Center & Internet Operations Manager, Major Retailer

We operate a full service multi-media call center with inbound/outbound calls along with web chat and email processing.  Our primary call center vendor enabled web chat but didn’t have a way of tracking the actual transcripts for more than a few weeks at a time.  We were directed to Softcom who were able to handle our needs with their Softcom Analytics solution for call centers. Now we have an unlimited history of every single web chat session with ability to display transcripts by date, agent, keyword or phrase which help in resolving questions or disputes.  This has resulted in a higher customer satisfaction level and reduced an untold amount of management time in tracking down information necessary to deal with issues that arise every day.

Director of Operations, Hotel Reservations System

We have always empowered our agents to do what is best for the customer. We needed a way to keep our agents enthused about their work and found that Softcom’s Agent Dashboard solution was the perfect solution. Our agents are now getting real-time results right on their desktop, of their efforts, which impact on their overall compensation. We have measured that break and lunch time compliance is at a higher percentage than before installing Softcom and our turnover percentage is at an all-time low.

Director of Customer Service, Regional Utility Company

Our call center needed to be more proactive with customer services. Once we installed Softcom Analytics, we found out that 20% of all calls were repeat callers who either abandoned their first attempt or called multiple times hoping to get a different response.  We assigned a group of top agents to proactively call customers with multiple attempts that resulted in full resolution of their questions which led to higher customer satisfaction, a decrease in call volume and an increase in our service level. We can now track all calls in and out of the call center, by agent, queue, customer ID, length of call, DNIS and additional metrics that contributes to us being in full control.

IT Director, National Restaurant Supply Distributor

Since implementing the Softcom Analytics solution we have discovered some interesting facts about our contact center operations that would have gone unnoticed. This has resulted in our Supervisors having better, more meaningful data to work with and in turn, has helped our agents become more affective, and provide a more positive customer experience.

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