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About Softcom Technologies Corporation

Softcom Technologies Corporation has been providing Contact Center Analytics solutions globally since 1994. What started out to be a business intelligence tool for one of the major industry vendors in the contact center space has grown to become a full suite of analytical tools designed specifically for supervisors, managers, agents and executives who value the need for accurate, trusted information. Years of experience working with call center vendors as well as with industry thought leaders has provided insight that has allowed us to enhance development of critical tools for contact center professionals.

“Softcom’s industry leading solutions have become an integral part of the contact center industry landscape. Although we are proud of our achievements to date, we continue to make advancements in Contact Center Analytics. 
How do we do this? We listen to our customers.”
Oscar Fava – CEO, Softcom Technologies Corp.

Partner Programs

From initial design to ongoing support, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Building Strong Relationships.

Our experience collaborating with partners has helped us understand what makes a good partnership work. Partnering is about people. There needs to be an understanding between partners that brings positive results to both parties. Softcom has shown that a strong partnership will increase your value proposition and help you grow, with a strong support team to guide you.

Technology Partner
For solution vendors that require a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solution for their customer base. Softcom’s open architecture allows for customized integration with vendors’ solutions. We will work with you to identify your needs and put a program in place for you.

Reseller Partner
Successful solution vendors are always looking to add strong products to their portfolios. Softcom can provide you with the tools to increase revenue through your existing customer base. We can provide a dedicated resource to work with you and help grow your business.

Sales Partner
Many technology companies come across opportunities that they don’t want to pass up, yet don’t have domain expertise or products to provide to their customers. This partnership is made for them. Softcom staff make it easy to manage these opportunities.

Inquire now to see how partnering with Softcom will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Broaden and strengthen your brand positioning
  • Strengthen your knowledge and resources through partnership
  • Become more competitive
  • Increase sales and profits
  • We bring our Contact Center and database expertise
For more information on any of these programs contact Softcom today.

    Our Customers

    We understand the contact center business.

    Let's Work Together

    Softcom is proud to include many Fortune 2000 companies as part of its customer base. From North America to Europe, Asia and Central and South America, Softcom customers all have one thing in common, and that is a knowledgeable, experienced, professional partner that knows Contact Centers. Whether they are financial institutions, credit card companies, telemarketing firms, collection agencies, customer service organizations, Outbound or Inbound activities, or Outsourcers, they rely on Softcom Analytics for their Business Intelligence needs.