Enterprise Analytics for the Contact Center and beyond

Get the most of out of your contact center data. Softcom Analytics is a robust, scalable, turn-key solution for your business. Unlock valuable insight to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and drive growth.

Your Data

At the core of Softcom Analytics is powerful data modelling technology. This makes it easy for any user to create the report they need. Merge Multiple Data Sources For an unparalleled understanding of your business.

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“Softcom was able to fill in the gaps where contact center and other reporting tools were falling short. The team integrated over 10 data sources, which gave us a view into our business that we didn’t think possible. We were able to realize cost-saving by streamlining our operations and improving our business practices.”

Head of Contact Center

One of the world’s largest hospitality companies

Platform of your Choice


Use Softcom in the cloud for a secure, scalable, virtual solution. 

On Premise

Choose to install Softcom Analytics on premise with full control of infrastructure.


Choose our flexible Hybrid option for scalablity and control over infrastructure.

Why Choose Softcom?

Data Integrity
3rd Party Integration
Data Migration
Data Rights & Flexibility
Platform Options
Softcom Analytics

Easily pick the stats you want to report on from a list

Consistent, validated, repeatable data

Vetted 3rd party integration for a richer view of your business

Migrate seamlessly and continue to report on legacy system and new system data

Data rights, tenancy, time-zone shifting, internationalized, GDPR compliance, even if the source data doesn’t support these features

Robust and scalable for small sites to the largest enterprise customers

Exact same product for Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid deployment
Other Analytics Products

Write complex SQL or limited pre-made queries

Can get different results from the same report created by two different users

Likely limited to contact center data only. Difficult to create your own

Once you migrate you lose historical data

Often have limited options or only what is available on the source system

Can lack the features and security for the largest customers

All features are not available on all installation types, if even supported

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Businesses in industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Government, have trusted Softcom to deliver key information to successfully run their contact centers and deliver world-class experiences at every step of the customer journey.

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