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Softcom Analytics Supervisor

The Softcom Analytics Supervisor solution covers the Supervisor’s reporting and analytics needs from end to end. Having the ability to keep an eye on performance through dashboards and be alerted of anomalies on their metrics will keep productivity on track.

Getting a feeling that something is not right and need to investigate further? Use your dynamic analytics tool to select specific data and drill down to examine what’s going on. No need to go to IT and ask for help. You have your own end-user tools for times like this.


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Contact center Supervisors have a very key role in your contact center operations. They are expected to manage their teams of agents throughout their shifts and make sure that they are adhering to targeted performance.

With the overwhelming amount of data that can be available, Supervisors must know which metrics to analyze and how to use them to their advantage. Having the right management tools is critical to this role.