Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Softcom Analytics such a trusted analytics solution?

Softcom Analytics was built on one unique technology platform that manages all the data from one or more data sources used for analysis. We have products based on different types of uses or users, depending on the needs for our solution. But the key is that the data being analyzed by any user of any module all flows through Softcom’s Data Hub solution, our middleware technology which manages and cleans the data before it gets to you. This provides trusted, consistent reporting across all products.

Why are there different products for reporting?

Contact centers are unique environments where large volumes of information are being captured and stored. Information needs to be analyzed in different ways by different people depending on their roles. A team leader or supervisor may need to look at different information, or look at the same information but analyze it differently, than an executive, back office associate or a contact center agent.

How do you handle companies that have several locations?

Softcom Analytics supports all time zones and languages, so there are no limitations on where or how many locations there are. It also supports data consolidation across all geographies so users can choose which information to view and how to view it.

What types of contact centers benefit most from your products?

Softcom customers cover a range of contact centers whether Inbound, Outbound or combined, including collections, customer service, fundraising, telemarketing, tech support and service agencies.

What types of data can Softcom Analytics access and report on?

Softcom provides connectors to various data sources that allow you to start using Softcom Analytics as soon as it is installed. We connect to major vendors such as Aspect, Unify and Cisco, as well as many other data sources that contact centers have access to. In some cases, we connect to homegrown database solutions or back office systems, whether stored or in memory. Users should not have restrictions on the data they want to access.

How do we know where to start, or if we even need an analytics solution?

We have many people asking the same question. Any person running a business needs good information to run effectively. Even more so, contact centers collect large amounts of data which contains a lot of good, valuable information for analysis that many companies don’t realize they have. Softcom provides a service that has one of our contact center experts spend a few days with you to get to understand your business and what you do today in terms of data analysis. We will follow up with a report that tells you where you can improve and how to go about it. You can call us for more information.