Contact Center for Telemarketing

Softcom understands call center marketing. We can provide you with a breakdown of every single call that resulted in an order and tie it to time of day, day of week, which agent¸ which product and break down by revenue per item and per sale. We can integrate to your legacy system and identify cross selling and upselling opportunities. Softcom can provide Revenue per call handled and identify the hour of the day or day of the week you have been most successful. We can help you find the ‘Sweet spot’ of which agents do the best and use the data to update your internal training programs.

Rank agents based on number of sales.

Evaluate if More Talk Time means more sales.

Which Day of the Week (M-F) do you sell the most?

What is the penetration rate for your different campaigns?

Compare Promise-To-Pay across all your campaigns and agents.

Monitor cost of sales on an agent and campaign basis.