Track Every Detail From Beginning To End

Analyze granular or summarized call information from the moment the call starts

Softcom Analytics Life of Call

Wouldn’t it be nice to see what is actually happening to each call that enters your call center from the moment it arrives to when the hang-up occurs, answering questions like:

  • Who answered it?
  • Who was it transferred to?
  • How many times was it transferred?
    • How many times did that same caller call?
    • How many calls were disconnected this past month?
    • How was a specific caller treated over the last 5 years?

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    The Softcom Analytics Life of Call solution can show you these results and answer these questions for you, from cradle to grave.

    Equally as important is to see the life of an agent, from the moment they log in for their shift to when they log off for the day. Softcom’s Life of Agent solution tracks all agent activities and provides detailed information about individuals or groups of agents across selected time-frames.

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