Top MIS Requirements

How Softcom Analytics meets Contact Center MIS requirements.

We live in a complex business world today. Things are changing rapidly and as business managers, we are always trying to make sure that even if we aren’t at the absolute cutting edge, at least we are staying competitive. This is sometimes easier said than done. The Contact Center world is no different. Market forces, the economy, people’s lifestyles and technology all contribute to the changes that happen in this industry. The amount of information is greater, the speed with which we need to access this information is faster and the information itself needs to be more accurate.

Let’s take a look at what today’s Top MIS Requirements For a Contact Center are, and how Softcom Analytics can help provide solutions:

  1. Consistency And Consolidation Across All Systems
  2. Real-Time Reporting
  3. Agent Level Reporting
  4. Multimedia Handling
  5. Automation of Reports

Requirement: Consistency and Consolidation across all systems

Contact centers today may utilize various technologies depending on their needs. They may be running inbound, outbound and back office systems that are independent of each other. Added to this, they may have separate servers and be located in various cities, states or countries. You can see the problems that can arise for management. Trying to summarize and analyze this information at a corporate level is not always easy. And a Call Center Supervisor trying to manage teams of agents throughout the day is no easy task either. This requires fast and accurate information that can be consolidated across all levels. And consistency is key. The data must be consistent as well as accurate in order to utilize it properly.


Softcom Analytics’ Suite for Contact Center Analytics will give you consistent results across your enterprise. When you are reviewing traditional reports, real-time metrics or rolling up results to the corporate level, you can rely on Softcom Analytics to be true. Our proprietary technology is designed to meet the needs of large contact centers that need to access and report on many disparate data sources. Softcom Analytics will also deliver blended operations data as well as any Multimedia and Legacy systems information.  Your Inbound, Outbound and other data will be consolidated for you across servers, geographies and data sources.

Requirement: Real-Time Reporting

Traditionally, the reporting function of a contact center consisted of running some standard, canned reports overnight and delivering them to a manager’s desk each morning. Sometimes this wasn’t on a daily basis either, but only weekly. The reports were typically written in programmable code by MIS people and were not flexible. If a manager wanted to make a modification or add some columns to the reports, it was a time consuming, expensive and tedious exercise. This limited a good manager’s ability to investigate things that may be of question.


Softcom Analytics allows you to take some of the reporting functions away from MIS and into management’s hands. A manager today has a greater ability to select from numerous reports or metrics that are available. The flexibility of Softcom Analytics will give you access to create and modify real-time information on the fly. Set your own update frequency and set alerts instantly to monitor operations throughout the day. See real-time information through charts, spreadsheets, maps and other visuals to track and manage your business. Managers now have more control over the information needed to succeed.

Requirement: Agent Level Reporting

Agents are your most valuable and most expensive asset.  It is important to know how your agents are performing so you can work with any that are below standards and reward those who are exceeding standards.   Individual agents or teams of agents can have good days or bad days.  Do you know how often and why? Are some trainees exceeding performance of experienced agents?  Does an agent team’s performance change when a new supervisor is assigned?


Softcom Analytics will give you all the information you need on agent performance. Data is collected from the moment they login to until they log off on one or more of your systems. This information is available to management in real time in a format that you set. Each supervisor can display and manage their agent data the way they want or in a way management has set. You can drill down on a number of elements to truly explore why an agent performs the way they do. Softcom Analytics can tell you if an agent, team or group of agents did better today than yesterday or provide comparisons to any previous period. There is a nearly infinite number of ‘What if’ scenarios that you can analyze and be able to fine tune your operations to everyone’s benefit.

Requirement: Multimedia Handling

Contact Centers have to evolve to keep up with advances in technology.  Telephone contact is only one method available to stay in touch with customers.  More and more customers prefer to use web chat or email or self-service options to conduct business either from their home, place of business or while mobile.  Agents are being asked to be more flexible in working these alternative customer touch points.  Time invested and results of a chat session or email exchange are just as important as tracking the metrics of a phone call.


Softcom Analytics captures all customer touch point access and the metrics from any agent involvement. You can evaluate multimedia application performance by themselves or integrated with telephony based applications to get a big picture overview. You know have both real time and historical data to do a cost benefit analysis on different methods of customer contact.

Requirement: Automation of Reports

Reliability and consistency of data gathering that goes into reports or real time displays are paramount to a successful operation.  Confidence in getting reports when you want and where you want allows for timely decision making which can improve performance. You may have a requirement to distribute certain reports to your customers on a periodic basis.


Softcom Analytics recognizes that report generation and distribution needs to be automatic, consistent as well as flexible. Every report defined can be set to run at the same time every day or multiple times per day. They can also be automatically sent to one or more managers internally or externally to a home, alternate business or to someone traveling. Reports can be sent in Excel format for further refinement, consolidation and analysis as well in PDF format for a quick consistent review by a customer or by management. Reports can be run for virtually any time frame be it hourly, by shift, by day, by week, month, quarter and year. Reports can be run by customer, by agent team or group, by call center location or other metric to meet your operational requirements.