InsideEdge Enterprise

A true, proven, enterprise solution
for contact centers worldwide.

Softcom’s InsideEdge Enterprise solutions will deliver all the information you need for the analysis to run a successful contact center. Our global solution platform was designed to provide seamless, integrated information that will help make your agents, supervisors and management more productive and provide a superior customer experience. Companies worldwide have seen the results of partnering with Softcom and having one of the premier contact center analytics vendors on their team.

Delivering both real-time and historical metrics across servers, divisions and locations, the InsideEdge solution will provide seamless, integrated data across your enterprise. It transparently handles languages, time zones, data rights, file rights and multi-tenancy, and connects to any back-end data source that you may want to integrate with, to give you a trusted, global view of your operations.

InsideEdge provides both high-level, overall results for management and detailed, specific in-depth views of the life of your calls, tracing each call by segment, allowing you to analyse call trends and all their interactions.

With support for data sources and multi-channel environments, you will be presented detailed metrics to help you manage your contact centers from beginning to end. The InsideEdge Data Hub, our industry-leading data integration and modeling tool, is powerful and flexible enough to accommodate any type of data source. It will provide consolidated views of any data throughout the call center for analysis.

Softcom InsideEdge Enterprise

Benefits of InsideEdge

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Help your agents become more productive
  • Manage your costs
  • Better planning for upcoming campaigns
  • Increase communication throughout the call center
  • Improve First Call Resolution

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