Validated, Trusted Data From Any Source

  • Freely mix your existing back-office data with call center data
  • without duplicating or re-tooling your datastores.

InsideEdge Data Hub

Your company already collects data from different sources and stores it in various databases and silos. Then you spend 100’s of hours a week combing through that data into unified reports only to have those reports be out of date by the time you get them. InsideEdge Data Hub allows the creation of a virtual warehouse leaving the data in the silos, allowing use of the existing data silos without the need to re-architect data feeds, or duplicate the storage. Access all data across all silos seamlessly with fully integrated results and free mixing of data on any KPIs.


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  • Seamless. Integrated. Powerful.

  • Use existing silos
  • Feed/Partition silos for extra retention time
  • Freely mix a variety of sql, non-sql, and web data sources
  • Advanced optimized data access reduces load on source systems
  • Unified Data Model enforces data rights and calculation integrity across all sources even if none existed in the source system

InsideEdge Data Hub Connections