Contact Center for Fundraising

Cold calling to raise funds for yourself or a client is not easy. Softcom can provide a complete history of all your fundraising efforts on a period-over-period basis (Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Day, Hour). We can provide an analytical review of funds raised per agent, per hour, per client, per facility, per minute of talk time, per call, or dozens of other metrics that will help you utilize your agents in a way that will make them as successful as possible. Use our Agent Dashboard so every contributor can get real time results of their efforts instead of waiting until next day or end of the week, and at the same time, keep them engaged.

Which month of the year are you most successful over the last 5 years?

What percentage of funds raised come from new donors vs. previous donors?

Does adding agent/team incentives increase fundraising results?

Does one Supervisor’s team of agent consistently outperform the others?